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Larry E. Finegan
I have practiced law in Frederick County, Maryland and surrounding jurisdictions for more than 35 years. 
Significant portions of my practice are in family law including divorce and separation agreements, custody and child support.
I have extensive experience handling criminal cases, as well as personal injury cases including traffic accidents.
I have also handled other civil litigation cases, including property disputes and contract disputes.
I am committed to providing my clients with the highest level of personalized attention,expertise, and professionalism.
​My goal is to provide, with integrity and respect, quality legal services in a client-centered environment.
Larry is an experienced trial lawyer with offices in Frederick, Maryland. Larry is also a highly experienced mediator who is a member of the Frederick and Washington County Circuit Court panels and who does volunteer Day of Trial mediation with the District Court.
Larry is a general practice attorney. Larry can assist with Family Law and Divorce, Mediation,Adoptions, Criminal or Traffic Law, or other civil litigation and trials.
He can prepare Wills and small family estate planning.
He has years of experience handling personal injury and accident cases.
He has briefed and argued a significant number of appeals before the Maryland Court of Appeals and Court of Special Appeals.
He has also handled small business matters, such as mechanic’s liens, contract issues and collections.